Mounting tape for outdoor use. Supports up to 20 kg, subject to a maximum load of 13 kg per 1 meter of ribbon or 120 grams per 1 cm of the tape. Each roll contains 25.4 mm in width, and is 1.52 meters in length. The tape may be used instead of nails and screws for mounting pictures, signs, signage, outdoor thermometers, mailboxes, wall clocks and even CCTV cameras. It is important to note that in order for the glue to work at its best, it must be utilized at a temperature of 21 ° C to 38 ° C. This product may be applied to any surface, including metal, glass and plastic, tile and stone. It is resistant to UV, water as well as being heat resistant.

Manufacturer says:
• Weather-resistant, industrial-quality mounting tape
• Great for hanging house numbers, outdoor signs
and decor
• Conformable – can be used on textured surfaces* such
as painted cement or brick that are clean and dry