Electric Cooker Chef One SFC.919 Stadler Form

The Multi Cooker is a modern, multifunctional household appliance. Its main advantage is that it’s multifunctional and can replace a number of kitchen appliances such as a stove, oven, pot, pan, breadmaker, microwave, deep fryer, etc. Save your money and space in your kitchen by simply buying one amazing appliance, a Multi Cooker! The Multi […]

Grill Cooker Kitchen Fire Place Candles Electronic Gas Lighter

Refillable, lockable, adjustable flame gas lighter. Polaris brand. Material: ovenproof plastic. Green color. There is a switch for ON and OFF, when finished using, turn it off for safety, and there is a small switch for adjusting the size of the flame, for the sake of safety and button for producing the fire or flame.