pays 2 dollars to photographers per photo of one item. Income of author directly depends on quantity of items beings shot.

Money for your photos will be charged immediately after checking by our moderator and getting the payment request.

For participation in program to get income, photos have to match simple rules given below:

• Photographed object must be in good condition, without significant signs of use including scratches, chips, dents and etc.
• Name of photo and description must match with object.
• Not less than six photos for one object should be taken from different sides, namely: from front, behind, on the right, on the left, from below and from above. Plus photos of individual parts of object, e.g. labels or signs characteristics.
• Every photo must cover whole object (except photos of individual parts of object).
• Every photo must be as much sharper as possible and resolution must not be less than 3 Megapixel.
• It is forbidden to publish photos anywhere. By sending photos to us they become our property.
• It is also forbidden to copy or edit photos from any other website (including your photos that were published on another websites). All photos will be checked for plagiarism – copies will be deleted and in that case your account will be blocked!
• It is forbidden to shoot item intended for adults only. These include any sexual items, for example sex-toys and other such devices.
• It is also forbidden to send photos that contains names or any another personal data.

Money will be sent to your PayPal wallet when your account at system will accumulate balance of more than 10 dollars. You can check your balance header of our website.

It is unacceptable to register additional accounts. One member can only register one single account. In case of violation of this rule, all user accounts will be blocked!